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My name's Alex Wilson-Campbell and I’ll share interviews from remote CEOs and leaders as well as other successful entrepreneurs and talk to you about the benefits of remote work so you know what to expect and how to build your remote work life….

Stay connected and Level up your remote work life: Learn from mission-driven CEOs & Leaders in the remote world and beyond . . . .

kickstart the transition to your next remote working opportunity

These Remote CEO Heroes, Thought Leaders and Coaches will transform the way you think about achieving your goals and stepping outside your comfort zone

Hello my name is Alex Wilson-Campbell and I’ve been working in busy Marketing roles and hiring Marketing talent for over a decade.  I’m also a father of 3 who knows what it’s like to struggle to balance career with family life and at one point I regretted not seeing my kids to tuck them in bed after a long day at the office.

So I took action and decided to search for genuine flexible, remote and work from home opportunities - with values aligned businesses - that allowed me to have more of an influence in my children’s life.  

Your motive for wanting to work from home or anywhere else in the world might be different to mine. It may be that you’re fed of a commute, you can’t access transport or you want to work from the beach.  But whatever your reason, the Remote Work Life Summit will show you how to uncover legitimate opportunities and connect with hiring managers.  

And I’m not talking about any old roles with any company. I’m talking about roles with established million dollar companies set up to accommodate work-from-home talent within Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Product Design teams etc.

I know that the process of finding great opportunities can be lonely and confusing. And that’s why I’ve assembled a superhero roster of top remote CEOs, thought leaders and coaches to get you moving in the right direction to kickstart your transition into a business that’s closely aligned to your values, skills and passion.

For my day job I lead a remote marketing team and am an expert at hiring marketing talent to help small businesses grow. When I’m not working you'll find me hanging out with the love of my life, Vee and my 3 kids as well making delicious smoothies and eating chocolate.

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