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RWL 083 – Remote Work Life Business Spotlight: Automattic

And On Today’s Episode … 

This is the remote work life business spotlight where I highlight top remote businesses, innovations and tech to help you navigate the world of remote work.

I’m your host Alex Wilson-Campbell, I’m an interview coach and tech recruiter on a mission to help you gain clarity and direction in your career and uncover hidden jobs through one to one and group coaching.

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> 60 Guests so far including

Steli Efti CEO, Nick Francis CEO, Help Scout, Sarah Park President Meet Edgar, Darcy Boles, Head Of Employee Experience, Tax Jar, Michelle Dale, CEO Virtual Miss Friday

About the Host

After 9 years working remotely, I started to set up and record conversations with CEOs of leading remote companies to understand their culture, how they hire and develop their teams.

> 50 high-level conversations later..

… I realized that the recordings can help you to understand how to navigate your career so I created the Remote Work Life Podcast to share what I learned.

When combined with >10 years of hiring and coaching (1000s of sales, marketing, engineering and strategy pros to secure new jobs) I’m positioned to help you if you’re feeling stuck or isolated.

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