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RWL 110 – How Empathy Powers Remote Teams w/ Co-Founder of Kona, Corine Tan

Today’s guest is Corine Tan.  Corine is Co-Founder of Kona, the wellness platform for remote teams. Since January 2020, Corine has interviewed 550+ remote managers about their experiences and compiled their interviews in an extensive report (

She writes and speaks regularly on emotional intelligence and empathetic remote leadership. Her work has been featured by Yahoo, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Harvard Business School, Forbes, BuiltIn, and more.

Want to learn about remote work from 60+ real-world remote work experts including?:

Nick Francis, CEO Help Scout, Laurel Farrer, Co-Founder Distribute Consulting, Andy Tryba, CEO Crossover, Pilar Orti, Founder Virtual Not Distant, Darcy Boles, Dir Of Culture & Innovation TaxJar, Steli Efti, CEO – Close, Elaine Pofeldt, Freelance Writer, Sarah Park, President Meet Edgar, Alina Vandenberghe, Co-Founder Chili Piper, Derek Andersen, CEO Startup Grind, Michelle Dale, CEO Virtual Miss Friday

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