7 figure Remote-first CEO describes how he first transitioned to remote work

In this insightful interview John explains how he first transitioned to remote work – Remote Work Life,” John, a seasoned financial analyst, shares his experience with remote work. He begins by recounting a pivotal moment in his career at GE, where, amid widespread layoffs, he found himself burdened with the workload of others instead of facing termination. When his wife presented a compelling job opportunity as the CEO of a shipping company in Italy, the couple decided to relocate from Florence to Liguria near Genoa. However, when John proposed working remotely to GE, they initially resisted the idea. Faced with the dilemma of potentially losing two roles if John left, GE reluctantly agreed to the experiment. The couple moved to the small town of Savona, approximately 300 kilometers away, and John began his remote work journey. This arrangement persisted for over two and a half years, showcasing the success of his remote work setup despite initial skepticism from his employer. John’s story highlights the flexibility and adaptability required for a successful transition to remote work, ultimately proving that it can be a viable and productive option in the corporate landscape.

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