Post A remote Job [BETA]

Overwhelmed with Job Applications?

Does it feel as though the whole world (and their dog) applies to your online job posts just because they want to work in a remote role?  

That’s because you have an attractive work culture that job applicants love … which is great, right?!  

Of course it is. But how do you deal with floods of applicants who aren't right for your team (and create a great candidate experience) while balancing your other daily tasks?  It’s tough, but I can help.

I’m creating a system that can screen and grade all of your online job applicants to create a long-list for your recruitment team and free them to do other tasks and I invite you to test it ... 

Job Applicants Want More Communication

The #1 request from job applicants is more communication and with such intense competition for talent, the best people may only stay ‘on the market’ for 10 days!

Checking and grading 100s of applications can take up to 23 hours per hire so it’s the most time-consuming phase of your hiring process, especially for remote teams and startups.

And if you’re receiving an average of 250 applicants (and 70%-90% of them are not qualified) it’s a huge drain on your time and resources.

Let Me Help You Free Up Time To Do Other Things

I worked in busy recruitment and hiring roles for over a decade so I understand your hiring challenges  ...

And that’s why I want to work with you - and 3 other businesses - to help you overcome your roadblocks.  Here’s how:

STEP 1 - Let’s talk about your business and hiring needs to develop a job advert 
STEP 2 - Post your job on our site and other relevant sites
STEP 3 - Divert all responses - to me - for human + automated screening and grading
STEP 4 - I’ll deliver a long list of candidates to your hiring team

So let me work with you and your team to pre-screen and grade ALL of the people who will apply for your jobs.  And I mean ALL. Book a call and let’s talk

i've worked to Fulfil the hiring needs of top companies in the past including the BBC,
Sony, the national archive
and many others and now i want to help you

My commitment To Diversity and inclusion

I want to contribute to solving the problem of under representation in tech by 1) helping your company to build a diverse and experienced engineering and marketing team and 2) increasing awareness of the issue in the workforce.  This is something that I cannot do alone and I’d appreciate your support by joining my beta program; I’d then assist in promoting your dedication to fighting this important cause.

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