Do you want to build a location-independent, work-from-anywhere career or business so you can earn money while you travel, avoid the daily commute, or spend more time with your loved ones?

At Remote Work Life, we share stories of accomplished location-independent entrepreneurs and established remote work professionals, delving into the moments that shaped their careers and lifestyles.

Our interviews uncover their beginnings, growth strategies, and where they are today in growing their location independent careers or businesses. These captivating stories not only inspire but also offer ideas on entrepreneurial and professional options suited to a location-independent lifestyle and insights on how to thrive while working on a remote basis.

Whether you’re an aspiring digital nomad, a seasoned remote worker, or simply curious about the possibilities of remote work, our podcast is for you. Our goal is to provide valuable resources and support for individuals looking to pursue a more flexible and fulfilling way of working.

In addition to our podcast series, we also offer tips on how to effectively work remotely. We cover topics such as building successful routines, maintaining productivity while working from home, and managing work-life balance in a virtual setting.

At Remote Work Life, we believe that with the right mindset and tools, you can thrive in your professional life while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of remote work. 

Who runs Remote Work Life?

I’m Alex Wilson-Campbell, the founder of Remote Work Life which I set up in 2019. As a Forbes-featured Content Creator, Consultant, and Coach, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned on career development and business strategies through interviews with real-world remote work CEOs and leaders. 

In addition to being a father of three, I bring extensive experience as a remote professional and coach top-line growth leaders in navigating the hiring and job search processes. My expertise lies in talent sourcing and acquisition, and I guide businesses on making a positive impression during the recruitment process to attract talent that aligns with their values.

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