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Alex Wilson-Campbell

RWL 075 – Tips For Uncertain Times w/ Jessica Noble, Founder Magnetic Experiences

About the podcast and community Welcome to the Remote Work Life Podcast, where real-world remote work CEOs and leaders talk about how they hire, network, collaborate and thrive.Join me and more than 5000 followers in customer success, marketing, product and engineering to learn skills you need to work online from anywhere.I am your Host, Alex Wilson-Campbell – I’m Interview Coach and Tech Recruiter on a mission to help you gain clarity and direction in your career AND uncover hidden jobs through one-to-one and group coaching.  And On Today’s Episode … In today’s episode I’m speaking to Customer Experience expert, Jessica Nobel of Magnetic Experiences™, a boutique business strategy consulting and customer experience coaching firm. Jessica shares her thoughts and ideas on how to deal with uncertainty and customer experienced related challenges.Look out for Jessica book entitled; The Five Customer Experience Mistakes (you don’t know you’re making) That Are Causing Profit Erosion.