How Remote Leaders Think About Hiring…

In the realm of remote leadership, the focus on team growth during the challenging fire stage involves a unique approach. The speaker emphasizes the absence of a definitive blueprint for this process but underscores the paramount importance of assembling a team with the right mindset. While technical skills can be imparted, the speaker believes that altering an individual’s mindset is beyond reach. Within the context of a scaleup, the speaker seeks individuals driven to learn and grow, unafraid of occasional failure, and willing to get their hands dirty. 

The speaker perceives a cohesive team mindset as the foundation for a strong alliance, emphasizing care, assuming the best intentions, and going the extra mile for one another. This closely-knit team, according to the speaker, has the potential to achieve remarkable feats by working collaboratively. Contrary to the notion of assembling a team with identical characteristics, the speaker advocates for a mix of diverse traits. While the mindset should align, the presence of varying characteristics is seen as beneficial, fostering challenges and the emergence of innovative ideas. 

The speaker concludes by stressing the significance of a team that not only shares a mindset but also brings diverse characteristics to the table, creating an environment conducive to driving the team forward.

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