How she got her first fully remote role w/ TaxJar – Darcy Boles

Darcy Boles, was the Director of Culture and Innovation at TaxJar, shared her journey of securing her first fully remote role with the company. While working in Lake Tahoe for a small marketing firm after leaving her B&B position, Darcy came across TaxJar’s job posting. 

Reflecting on her desires for the next role, she identified a strong connection with employee experience, company culture, and the opportunity to contribute to a startup environment. Despite having no prior experience in sales tax or a similar field, she was drawn to the incredible team at TaxJar, considering them among the smartest people she had encountered. 

Intrigued by the role’s alignment with her skills and passion for problem-solving and team collaboration, Darcy saw it as the perfect opportunity. Although initially unfamiliar with sales tax, she recognized that the position involved extensive interaction with the product, making it an ideal fit for her. 

Motivated by the belief that she could make a significant impact, Darcy reached out to the company, leveraging skills gained from her past experiences. Through this proactive approach and a realization of mutual fit, Darcy successfully secured the position, highlighting how the role exceeded her expectations. 

This narrative encapsulates Darcy Boles’ journey from spotting a remote job opportunity at TaxJar to strategically aligning her skills and passion with the company’s needs, ultimately leading to her current role as the Director of Culture and Innovation.

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