How to boost mental health

Marteka Swaby, the founder of Benevolent Health, emphasizes the evolving perspective on mental health, moving beyond the clinical and medicalized approach. She acknowledges a growing recognition that mental well-being extends beyond mere medication and treatment within a medical framework. Swaby highlights the increasing awareness of the profound impact of lifestyle factors on mental health, such as nutrition and exercise. 

She notes the openness to alternative, holistic approaches, with mindfulness gaining popularity in contemporary society. Swaby underscores the broader acceptance of practices like yoga and spirituality, not confined to organized religion but inclusive of diverse expressions like art, music, and drama. She emphasizes the significance of creative self-expression, recognizing its role in influencing human emotions and fostering connections within communities. In summary, Swaby advocates for a holistic perspective on mental health, encompassing various lifestyle elements and creative outlets beyond conventional medical interventions.

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