How to engage candidates in the hiring process, Ben Congleton, CEO Olark

In this insightful interview with Ben Congleton, CEO of Olark, the focus is on engaging candidates in the hiring process. Ben begins by acknowledging the competitiveness of the hiring process, emphasizing the need for applicants to invest time in crafting a compelling resume and responding thoughtfully to pre-screening questions. 

He highlights the importance of not rushing through this initial stage and suggests using tools like Google Docs to refine answers with feedback from friends. Ben encourages applicants to leverage available resources, such as reaching out for feedback on pre-screening questions or utilizing the chat on their website for inquiries. 

To secure an interview beyond the resume screen, Ben stresses the significance of having a well-prepared resume and answers to screening questions. He notes that even passionate individuals may face challenges due to the abundance of applicants, making it crucial to stand out. 

Ben suggests unconventional approaches, such as creating a video or undertaking a unique project related to Olark’s API, to distinguish oneself from other candidates and increase the chances of securing an interview. Overall, the interview provides valuable insights into the competitive nature of the hiring process and offers practical tips for candidates to enhance their chances of success. 

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