How to manage remote teammates

In this insightful discussion titled “Pilar Orti – On how to manage remote team mates – Remote Work Life,” Pilar Orti explores the transformative shift in a manager’s responsibilities when transitioning from leading a co-located team to a remote one. As she navigates the evolving landscape of remote work, Orti emphasizes the need for managers to redefine their roles. Rather than focusing solely on monitoring productivity, she suggests a shift towards providing support to team members by ensuring they have access to essential information and contacts. The manager’s role, according to Orti, evolves into that of a facilitator, a coach, and even an ecosystem manager or DJ. This transformation involves the implementation of systems and structures that facilitate seamless communication among team members. The emphasis lies not on micromanaging tasks but on creating an environment where individuals can collaborate effectively in the virtual space. Orti’s perspective highlights the nuanced nature of remote team management, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and proactive facilitation in fostering a successful remote work culture.

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