Location independent CEO says video is primetime

In the recent video titled “Badri Rajasekar – CEO Jamm – video is primetime: the work from home scenario will normalise it further,” Badri Rajasekar, the CEO of Jamm, expresses the growing significance of video communication, particularly in the context of the prevalent work-from-home culture. Rajasekar notes that the integration of videos into various aspects of life has become more than just a trend; it has become synonymous with primetime. 

He predicts that the ongoing shift towards remote work will further solidify the normalization of video communication. Drawing on a personal anecdote about his three-year-old daughter, Rajasekar illustrates how even young children now use the term “zoom” as a verb, highlighting the pervasive nature of video interaction. In this evolving landscape, video communication has seamlessly woven itself into daily routines, becoming second nature to individuals who have adapted to the work-from-home lifestyle. Rajasekar suggests that the ubiquity of video usage is not merely a temporary phenomenon but a lasting change, as people have grown accustomed to this mode of communication, making it an integral part of their lives.

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