Remote CEO: countries and cities will start competing for nomads /remote workers

The phenomenon of remote work and digital nomadism is taking a significant turn as countries and cities are now actively competing to attract remote workers and remote companies. In a talk by Sondre, it was explained that this competition has reached such an extent that there are now around eight or nine countries where one cannot travel as a tourist from the United States, but remote workers and nomads are welcomed. 

This shift is exemplified by Greece, which has taken it a step further by offering a 50% tax break for seven years to remote workers relocating to the country. This trend is fueled by the resurgence of nomadism, driven partly by companies transitioning to remote work. In San Francisco, for instance, employees realized that with remote work, they no longer needed to be tied to expensive living in the city just because their job was there. 

Many began exploring alternatives, embarking on road trips or settling in different states, with a substantial number adopting a nomadic lifestyle in places like Tulum, Lisbon, and Barbados. This nomadic resurgence started in August and is expected to intensify as travel restrictions ease and vaccinations become more widespread. The coming year is predicted to be the “year of the nomad,” reflecting a profound shift in work and lifestyle choices influenced by the newfound flexibility and opportunities presented by remote work.

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