Remote CEO encourages banter in remote teams

In this interview titled “Badri Rajasekar CEO Jamm on the importance of banter in remote teams – Remote Work Life,” Badri discusses the significance of banter and casual interactions in remote work settings. He emphasizes the challenges of fostering light-hearted conversations among colleagues in virtual environments and shares his personal experience of resorting to WhatsApp audio messages. Badri highlights the evolving expectations in the workplace, attributing it to the consumerization of the workplace. He points out that while social and consumer life seamlessly integrates video interactions through various platforms, the workplace often relies on conventional and uninspiring conference calls. Badri argues that the demand for casual interactions and banter in professional settings has become even more crucial due to these shifting expectations and the growing trend towards remote and distributed work. He stresses the importance of enabling micro-interactions and short-form FaceTime to facilitate meaningful communication with tone and context. Additionally, Badri challenges the prevailing emphasis on productivity, proposing that productivity is an emergent behavior of trust within a team. He contends that building trust, social bonding, camaraderie, alignment, and a strong organizational culture should take precedence over solely focusing on productivity. Badri advocates for a shift in mindset towards prioritizing social cohesion, trust, alignment, and culture when building remote teams. He suggests that tools and hiring practices should align with these principles to foster a more productive and efficient work environment, where productivity naturally emerges as a byproduct of a well-connected and trusting team. Overall, Badri Rajasekar underscores the need for a holistic approach to remote work that goes beyond productivity metrics and prioritizes the human and social aspects of team dynamics.

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