Remote work CEO’s unusual method for getting thinking space while WFH

In the podcast episode titled “Dipesh Pattni CEO GravitasQ – How to get thinking space while working from home – – Remote Work Life,” the host introduces Dipesh Pattni, the founder of GravitasQ, who shares an unconventional method he employs to find thinking space while working from home. Pattni describes a moment of frustration with a blank PowerPoint presentation, leading him to retreat to his PlayStation during the workday to play FIFA. When questioned by his wife about this seemingly counterproductive behavior, Pattni explains that he was actually in a process of deep thinking and needed the space to reflect. He draws a parallel between his previous routine of planning and visualizing work during his daily train commute to his current home-based situation. Pattni emphasizes that during the commute, he would already begin planning and visualizing his tasks, making him more efficient once he arrived at the office. This mental preparation allowed him to quickly tackle projects, such as proposals, as he had already envisioned their structure during his commute. Pattni’s method, though unconventional, highlights the importance of creating mental space for deep thinking and planning, even in the context of remote work. The episode encourages listeners to explore diverse strategies for maintaining productivity and focus while navigating the challenges of working from home. To access more episodes, the audience is directed to visit the website

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