Remote First CEO: I use data to build trust in remote teams

In this insightful discussion, Andy Tryba, the CEO of Crossover, explores the critical role of data in building trust within remote teams. Recognizing the challenges faced by managers overseeing dispersed teams, Tryba emphasizes the necessity of having data points to gauge performance and identify areas for improvement. He acknowledges the prevalent skepticism among managers regarding remote work, attributing it to a lack of trust in employees’ productivity. However, Tryba sees promise in leveraging data models to address this concern, emphasizing that the ability to track and analyze work activities fosters trust at scale. 

By observing employees’ work patterns, intensity, and collaborations, managers can gain a comprehensive understanding of their team’s productivity. Tryba envisions a future where this data-driven approach becomes the norm, offering a scalable solution to the challenges of remote work. He envisions a paradigm shift from the current perception of remote work as confined to niche applications, to a broader and more widely accepted model for the future of remote work. Through the use of data, Tryba sees an opportunity to not only enhance productivity but also build a foundation of trust that can transcend the physical boundaries of traditional office spaces.

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