Remote First Co-Founder describes how she escaped a job she hated

Alina Vandenberghe, the Co-Founder of Chili Piper, candidly shares her journey of escaping a job she despised during a conversation. Her discontent with her job reached a point where she couldn’t bring herself to go to work any longer. Despite the financial success she experienced, she realized that money alone couldn’t compensate for her lack of happiness. When asked about the steps she took to extricate herself from this situation, Alina reflects on her personal experience. Recalling a similar phase in his life, the interviewer inquires about the individuals Alina sought guidance from and the strategies she employed to overcome her dissatisfaction. 

Alina’s approach involved observing successful people within her corporate environment, particularly those holding top positions like CEOs or CTOs. As someone working in the CIO path, she aspired to become a CEO of a large enterprise. However, upon closer examination, she noticed that the passion for building something meaningful had diminished at the executive level. Instead, the focus seemed to shift towards maximizing shareholder value, with a primary emphasis on financial metrics rather than the joy of creating something interesting. Alina struggled with aligning herself with this mindset, recognizing that being driven solely by financial goals was not fulfilling for her. 

She made a conscious decision to avoid becoming the type of person who prioritizes cash flow over the intrinsic satisfaction of building something meaningful. This realization marked a turning point for Alina, propelling her towards the entrepreneurial path and ultimately leading to the founding of Chili Piper. Her story serves as a testament to the importance of pursuing passion and purpose, even in the face of financial success, and highlights the challenges of navigating a corporate environment that prioritizes shareholder value over genuine innovation and fulfillment.

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