Remote Work Co-Founder’s journey to remote tech leader

Jennifer Dennard, co-founder of Range Labs, embarked on a diverse professional journey before assuming her role as a tech leader. Hailing from a manufacturing town in Georgia, her unconventional path included experiences in teaching, management consulting, and people operations. Following graduate school in political economy and financial consulting, she found herself drawn to the challenge of constructing effective cultures and companies. This interest led her to consult with renowned tech companies like Y Combinator startups and larger corporations. Jennifer eventually transitioned in-house at Medium, a blogging platform, where she crossed paths with co-founder Dan, who was leading engineering. 

Their collaboration expanded to include a third co-founder, Braden, from Google Ventures, where he spearheaded the design sprint process. Jennifer’s background in a traditional manufacturing setting provided her with a unique perspective on work methodologies. She observed a notable shift in tech companies towards distributed and remote work, increased autonomy within teams, and a growing emphasis on effective communication, culture, and engagement. Recognizing a gap between these evolving needs and the tools available to teams, the trio founded Range Labs, dedicated to addressing these challenges. The result is the team success platform that Range is today, designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement for distributed teams in the ever-evolving landscape of remote work.

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