RWL 008 – Are You Ready To Go Remote?

By Alex Wilson-Campbell, Founder, Remote Work Life

Today’s episode is really special because I get to answer a question from within my online community which I hope will help you to understand whether you’re suited to working remotely, or not.

The question:

“I am currently taking a break from the 9-5 rat race world of IT. I know I want to be my own boss and work remotely primarily from home. I am not sure how – or doing what at this time – but I would really love some real-world feedback and advice on this lifestyle either positive or negative.”

Have you asked yourself: Am I suited to remote work?  Do I know what to expect when it comes to working from home or from a remote location? 

If you’re not sure about either of these questions then I suggest you listen to this episode because it could help you to begin to understand what it takes to work from home.

Here are the specific questions and some of the personal points I will cover during this episode.  I’ll also share info based on feedback given to me when I interviewed a number of other professionals and CEOs who work remotely:

  1. What are the unexpected benefits you found from working from home?
    1. Environmental – use the car less
    2. Network with people in the same situation – same pain points and challenges
    3. Save time commuting
    4. Save money
    5. Configure my office
    6. Eating foods that are more healthy
    7. Less agro in the morning – I feel invigorated and empowered
    1. The temptation to do other things – the washing up
    2. Time goes so quick
    3. Managing other’s expectations (people who don’t work remotely)
    4. Building a network to avoid Isolation – need variety, stimulus, ideas
    5. Finding others like me – networking
    6. Dealing with issues outside my comfort zone
    7. Working too much – take a break
    8. Creating a comfortable and healthy workspace – chairs desk
    9. Finding other spaces to work
  2. What are the biggest issues or challenges you have found from working from home?
    1. Setting clear boundaries
    2. Planning ahead – priorities in mind – working in sprints and doing other stuff in between
    3. Clear workspace – eg I have my work phone nearby but I don’t have my personal phone on my desktop
    4. Go into the office (dedicated space) and closing the door
  3. How do you avoid becoming distracted?
    1. Have communication channels and devices that are dedicated to working – separate from leisure
    2. Shutdown once my priorities are done and other goals for the day have been dealt with
    3. Getting up really early
  4. How do you manage work/life integration and balance?
    1. Health and wellbeing, community
    2. If you’re an entrepreneur – finding client consistent
    3. If you’re looking to work in a remote business – finding a suitable legitimate role – highly competitive
  5. What is a remote work pain point and how do you address it?

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Alex Wilson-Campbell

Podcast Host and Founder, Remote Work Life

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