RWL193: Hiring Now, Remote Work Opportunities with Auth0

 My latest Remote Work Life episode highlights the work of Auth0, a company at the forefront of securing web, mobile, and legacy applications. Join me, Alex Wilson-Cambill, as I walk you through an overview of the company and it’s services, their clientele, and its substantial global footprint, stretching from Bellevue to Buenos Aires, and from London to Tokyo and Sydney. 

For anyone caught in the hunt for a remote role, this episode  hilights the culture and potential of Auth0, a company that although not fully remote, presents a range of remote-centric possibilities.  

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Speaker 1:

This is the Remote Work Life Business Spotlight, where I highlight top remote business innovators and share personal and career development tips to help you navigate the world of remote work. I'm your host, alex Wilson-Cambill. I help remote work managers, professionals and freelancers overcome isolation and uncertainty in their life to get hired and fulfill their career goals. Hello again, it's Alex from Remote Work Life. This is just another quick review of yet another remote business for you, and this is all to help you with your own due diligence and your own sort of research when it comes to identifying a business that suits you and a business that you potentially want to work for on a remote basis. And today I'm looking at Auth0. Auth0 is at, and what they do is they they essentially make life easier for developers to to provide a universal, authentic authentication and authorization for web, mobile and legacy applications. So what recommend you do, if if you are looking for a role with them, is just really have a good look at their website, because there's quite a lot of information here to look at, so let's have a quick, brief look down here. This is more for the. As I said, this is targeted at developers, so there's lots of technical words there that are targeted to developers, because obviously this is made for them, to help them to save time when it comes to authentication and authorization online. But what I'd say is they have some really good looking clients and it's a business that's well established. Let's quickly see, click over to LinkedIn to see they're established in 2013 with offices, I believe. Well, these, the services, and the niche that they operate in is information technology and services. Number of employees worldwide and I think it's about 30 locations around the world. So they're they're headquartered in Bellevue and they have additional offices in Buenos Aires, london, tokyo, sydney as well. And you know, it's one of those businesses that, although it's targeted at, it's targeted at developers as I said, the services but obviously they have different areas of the business that they potentially were recruiting for and obviously, at the time of recording this, I don't know whether they'll be recruiting or hiring when you come to actually have a look, but it's certainly worth a look. So the best part of the website to go to is if, obviously, if you're looking for roles, is the jobs section. So let's have a quick. In fact, let's go to the about us section before we do that, because there's some information, interesting information here on some of the key people within the business and the business itself. So it's, like I said, very well established in terms of their customers, the countries in which their customers are based as well, headquartered in Europe. Well, they have a European headquarters in London, should I say North America as well as South America. So if you're looking, I don't know that you may find it difficult to find roles in London and Europe.

Speaker 1:

This may be a business to look at. Here's the leadership team Co-founder here, eugenio Pace. Tyus Lossky is the CTO leadership team, something that you need to do your research on before you approach. Here's the board of directors too. As I said, a very well-established company with well-established clients as well. So news corp, bluetooth, mozilla, harper Collins, safari, schneider Electric a number of customers that I reckon you should look at to see if you could add value there.

Speaker 1:

So let's have a look at their open positions. I'm not going to look into much detail because, as I said, it may be that they're not recruiting, not hiring, when you come to watch this video or when you're watching this video, like I said, they're hired all over Europe and also in America as well. So really good company to at least do some research into if you're struggling to get your remote role. I don't think they're 100% remote, but it's something to look at. They talk about their culture. Core philosophy is based on principles of collaboration, experimentation, learning, transparency and passion. So if any of those words resound with you, or any of those resonates, shall I say, with you, then certainly, as I said, something to look at. Great people deserve great benefits. They have benefits, career development, diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, top-of-the-line gear. So they're all about, by the sounds of it here, looking out for their employees.

Speaker 1:

And here are a few of the roles. As I said, they may or may not be hiring at the time that you come to look at the website at and you go to View All Positions. I love looking at seeing visuals like this because it just shows you what the team is about, or at least gives you a snapshot in terms of what the team is about and also the size of the team as well. So a number of roles here that they're hiring for. Have a look at forward slash careers and yet certainly a role to look at if you're looking for your next remote role.

Speaker 1:

That's it for today's episode of the Remote Work-Life Podcast. Click the link in the show notes below to access a free list of 100 remote businesses that hire regularly. And if you're feeling stuck or uncertain on issues of career or personal development, head on over to wwwremoteworklifeio, where you can watch exclusive on-demand video featuring real-world remote work leaders and future of work experts on key remote work topics, including how to get clarity on your career direction, how to thrive while working remotely, how to network effectively and stay connected, and how to tend to your personal and career development needs. Go to remoteworklifeio now and remember to connect with me, your host, alex Wilson-Campbell, on YouTube, linkedin and Facebook.

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