RWL199:How to Focus During Your Remote Work Routine

Struggling to maintain energy and focus from your home office? I’ve been there, and in this episode of the Remote Work Life podcast, I’m laying out tips that turned my work-from-home routine from a slog into a rejuvenating experience. By sharing my own transition from a work-obsessed mindset to one that values balance, I hope to inspire you to embrace a lifestyle that places well-being alongside productivity.

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Speaker 1:

Hey, it's Alex from Remote Work Life. Thank you for joining me for today's episode, where I'm gonna share today's tip of the day and I wanna explore the importance of taking breaks and practicing our healthy eating, being hydrated, especially while working on a remote basis, and I wanna share with you just some of my experience in terms of how that has impacted me and my life, how I've progressed from being somebody who perhaps was veered more on the side of work than actually looking after my own well-being. So you all know I'm a big remote work advocate and I've experienced a transformative power, I guess, of incorporating breaks, incorporating healthy habits, into my work day. And when I first transitioned to remote work, as I mentioned, I struggled, maintaining energy and maintaining focus throughout the day in order to be able to get the work done that I needed to get done. And again, it wasn't until I consciously integrated short breaks, nutritious meals and staying hydrated into my routine that I began to experience the full benefits of working remotely. And these all have to be intentional practices that I would recommend you implement into your work routine and have helped me, as I said, stay energized, maintain mental clarity and significantly improve my overall well-being. So here are a few things that I did that you might wanna at least consider. So taking breaks, taking regular breaks, with times when I would just sit at my computer all day and do the work that needed to be done, not necessarily thinking about the quality of work. Obviously, I strived to do the best I could, but I didn't think necessarily that taking a break would affect and enhance the quality of my work. So I would recommend incorporating short breaks into your work day resting your eyes, stretching physical exercise if not walking, then something a bit more intensive to help you to work towards the things that you need to do during the day, and this can help reduce physical strain and improve your focus. So I touched on healthy eating. So I would recommend eating healthily, of course, in any event, whether you're working remotely or not, because if you can prioritize nutritious meals and snacks that provide sustained health and sustained energy fruits, for example, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and this can help to fuel you so that you're equipped to be able to face the whole day with the right amount of energy that you need to get through the day, and that's helped me.

Speaker 1:

Number three staying hydrated. So keeping a bottle of water next to you or near to your workspace and aim to drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day to maintain hydration. This has been thought, or is thought, to impact your focus, because obviously, the brain is highly dependent on water, so you need to keep your body hydrated so that your brain is hydrated as well. So, eating mindfully this is not something that I necessarily do, but it's something that I've heard some of my colleagues talk about. So practicing mindful eating by savoring each bite and being present during meals this can help prevent overeating and improve your digestion.

Speaker 1:

So number five on my list is wellness rituals. So considering incorporating wellness into your break. So, for example, deep breathing yoga, maybe something that you do during your breaks to recharge your energy as well. So those are the few points that I've learned. For me, the regular breaks something that I now incorporate into my work day that's really helping me healthy eating and staying hydrated those are the three things that perhaps are the most important to me, but I hope you can glean something and gain something from these insights and perhaps implement some of these things into your practice to improve not only your focus but your overall productivity as well. So I'd say thank you for listening to me today for today's episode of the Remote Work Life podcast. As ever, please connect with me on LinkedIn If you have any questions. I've left my link in the show notes, so until then, have a good rest of your day.

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