Darcy Boles: Director Of Culture & Innovation, TaxJar From cubicle to working nomad manager: how to convince the CEO that you’re right for the role

Alex Wilson-Campbell

Today's Guest

Are you trying to figure out what separates the good remote companies from the not so good? Or, are you wondering what’s it’s like to work for a fully remote business. Maybe you’re wondering which opportunities suit you you’re not having success with your applications. 

Remote Hero Darcy tells us how she made her dreams -of traveling while working - come true  by positioned herself to transition into remote a remote career path. HINT: she didn’t use a job board. And she reveals some of the crucial tools - many remote companies use - that could help you stand out when applying for a remote position.


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You'll Learn:

  • How Darcy went from little or no remote work experience to secure a management role
  • How she and her team stay connected and build a community to keep loneliness at bay
  • The benefits of being a working nomad and tips on how to build your personal network
  • Fundamental skills for modern remote workers and a surprising personal quality that might help you to ‘break down’ cultural boundaries  
  • How to deter companies that hire remote workers and keys things to do to improve your chances of success

Meet Your Host: Alex Wilson-Campbell

I’m the Founder of Remote Work Life and a Hiring Strategist, Digital Marketer, Remote Worker Mentor.  I'm also a family man, and want to share what I’ve learned about remote over the last 10 years. I launched my first remote venture back in 2009 when I created a career development portal that attracted advertising clients such as Sony, BBC, MI5 and The National Archive and helped hundreds of job seekers with their career choices.


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