Matthew Stibbe, CEO of Articulate How to Build a People Focused Remote Business

By Alex Wilson-Campbell, Founder, Remote Work Life

Today's Guest

I had the pleasure of speaking with Matthew Stibbe who runs Articulate Marketing, a unique remote-first marketing agency for B2B tech companies. Matthew once owned a brick and mortar software dev agency but sold up with a promise never to have an office, 'ever again'.

And he hasn't looked back having grown Articulate Marketing - while working from home - to a team of 20 that has established an excellent client base and achieved BCorp accreditation. This a must listen episode if you want to know what it's like to work as part of a tight-knit remote business and what it takes to grow and evolve as a team.

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 You'll Learn:

  • How Matthew set up his work from home remote business
  • Why he doesn't set team deadlines for client work
  • About an interesting and unusual activity that a member of Matthew's team does on his lunch break!  
  • Matthew's plans to grow the reputation of the business and how he plans to elevate standards

Meet Your Host: Alex Wilson-Campbell

I’m the Founder of Remote Work Life and a Hiring Strategist, Digital Marketer, Remote Worker Mentor.  I'm also a family man, and want to share what I’ve learned about remote over the last 10 years. I launched my first remote venture back in 2009 when I created a career development portal that attracted advertising clients such as Sony, BBC, MI5 and The National Archive and helped hundreds of job seekers with their career choices.


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Matthew Stibbe On LinkedIn

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Hiring strategist, Remote Worker Coach/Mentor and family man, Alex Wilson-Campbell is your host and will share all he’s learned about remote over the last 10 years.   Follow Alex if you want to: get clarity on your career direction, master online and in-person job interviews, find unadvertised or hidden jobs, use LinkedIn to network with hiring managers, thrive in a remote work culture, stay connected with your remote teammates.

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