Nick Francis, CEO Help Scout: How to survive and thrive working remotely

Alex Wilson-Campbell

Today's Guest

Nick Francis is a Remote CEO Hero of the highest order and has had an integral role in moulding Help Scout into one of the very best, fully-remote, value-based businesses on the planet.  Nick and his team have built a multi-million dollar, work-from-anywhere business with an awesome culture at its heart. During this session he shares great tips on the importance of understanding a business's culture to find aligned opportunities and feel like you're part of a team.  

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You'll Learn:

  • Benefits and challenges of working remotely and who it might and might not suit
  • The most important skills to thrive in a remote environment and a key value that makes remote work, work
  • How to thrive in a remote culture: contrasting cultures in co-located and remote businesses 
  • How Help Scout has built a diversity of thought and a thriving ‘players-first’ culture
  • The Help Scout hiring and on-boarding process
  • Tips on how you can optimise your productivity

Meet Your Host: Alex Wilson-Campbell

I’m the Founder of Remote Work Life and a Hiring Strategist, Digital Marketer, Remote Worker Mentor.  I'm also a family man, and want to share what I’ve learned about remote over the last 10 years. I launched my first remote venture back in 2009 when I created a career development portal that attracted advertising clients such as Sony, BBC, MI5 and The National Archive and helped hundreds of job seekers with their career choices.


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