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Aaron Hurst - CEO Imperative - What is purpose? And why engaging work is not enough ...
Aaron is the undisputed Jedi Knight where purpose in your work is concerned. So it makes sense for you to tune in to his video coaching session if you’re looking to begin to figure out your purpose to connect with businesses, contacts and friends of a similar mindset.  Aaron’s session is a must see!

Aaron Hurst - CEO Imperative

Nick Francis - CEO Help Scout
Nick is a Remote CEO Hero of the highest order and has had an integral role in moulding Help Scout into one of the very best, fully-remote, value-based businesses on the planet.  Nick and his team have built a multi-million dollar, work-from-anywhere business with an awesome culture at its heart. During this session he shares great tips on the importance of understanding a business's culture to find aligned opportunities and feel like you're part of a team.  

Nick Francis - CEO
Help Scout

Andy Cope - CEO Art Of Brilliance
So you feel like you’re stuck in rut, you hate your boss and your job’s getting you down.  Enter happiness expert, best selling author and inspirational trainer Andy Cope who specialises in inspiring people to be more positive, motivated and brilliant. He’s also a Doctor and sought after speaker in the science of happiness and positive psychology whose aims to blaze a new,  non-academic trail that is totally rooted in real life. During this eye-opening coaching session he describes the origins of our negative thoughts and explains why ‘job satisfaction’ won’t make you happy and what you need to do instead. Join me and Andy to kick your fears into touch so you can begin to clear your mind for the journey ahead. 

Andy Cope - CEO
Art Of Brilliance

Susanna Halonen - Founder Happyologist - "Screw finding passion": How to unlock passion to feel fulfilled in work... 
Susanna is a life coach who helps people like you to to live a more fulfilling life and raise themselves to greater heights.  Her ability to use the science of positive psychology - to help people and organisations to be their best selves - has made her an admired TEDx speaker.  Get your free ticket and you’ll see what I mean. 

Susanna Halonen - CEO Happyologist

Richard Barrett - CEO Barrett Values Centre - Why values are fundamental to make a career change for the better...
Richard is the grand-master of values in work and life and will explain why you might be feeling agitated, frustrated and unmotivated. But more importantly this session will help you to scratch your itch so you begin to find values-aligned opportunities for greater happiness in work and life.

Richard Barrett - CEO Barrett Values Centre

Scott Barlow - CEO HYTC - Find your strengths to move from uncertainty to clarity.
Scott’s session is a phenomenal and moving anecdotal account of how he went from panic attacks and health issues - at the thought of work - to identifying what he is good at. He has been able to turn his career around and has inspired others to do the same. 

Scott Barlow - CEO

Leon Richards - CEO Good Talent - Why you don't need recruiters to find your way...
Leon is a location independent CEO, recruiter - and values in work expert - with a deep passion for supporting the development of individuals and organisations that want to make a positive social and environmental impact. You don’t need a recruiter to secure your next remote role and Leon will talk about ‘why’.

Leon Richards - CEO
Good Talent


Sarah Park  - President Edgar
We’ve scoured the planet to bring you the very best location-independent leaders, not to mention the very best in remote businesses.  Edgar is yet another example of remote business that’s paving the way for people like you to work just the way they want. And Edgar President Sarah is another example of a Remote Hero who wants to help your career move forward.  In this enlightening session she shares her communication, marketing and hiring chops to help you to use your own communication and marketing skills to shine when making applications for your next opportunity. Social media is key component of your online presence and Sarah will share tips on how to make a real impact so you’re ready when the inevitable happens - and recruiters and hiring managers review your profiles.

Sarah Park  - President Edgar

Evangelia Leclaire - Founder - 6 Steps to finding a purpose-led career...
Evangelia is an expert coach and trainer who hosts transformational experiences that catalyse personal and professional growth. You’ll find her work and events across various platforms including the TheMuse dot com where she excels in helps xennials and millennials find their spark.

Evangelia Leclaire - Founder

Joshua Waldman - CEO Career Enlightenment - Why social media is so important to your remote purpose-led career...
 Joshua Waldman is a speaker, world-class trainer and author of the coveted guide ‘Job Searching With Social Media’. He presents powerful keynotes and workshops on personal branding, advanced LinkedIn strategy and online reputation and has helps job seekers and career changers to take charge of their careers. His mission is to help professionals break away from outdated and job-searching strategies that are ineffective.

Joshua Waldman - CEO Career Enlightenment

Adele McLay - Founder Adele McLay - How to build your brand to shape your career..
 Adele is a motivational keynote speaker and peak performance mentor. She is passionate about helping individuals and small business owners who want to achieve success. She is also dedicated to helping people to find clarity around their values and purpose to build your personal brand..

Adele McLay - Founder Adele McLay .com

Tasia Duske - CEO Museum Hack
Have you ever wondered how to speak so that your audience sits up and pays attention your meetings and interviews? In that case you need to watch Tasia’s phenomenal contribution to the Remote Work-Life Summit.  She’s a bonafide Remote CEO Hero who’s had a meteoric rise to helm of Museum Hack, a “renegade tour company that is spreading the good word: Museums Are F***ing Awesome!” This charismatic leader knows a thing or two about captivating an audience and has built a team of expert presenters and storytellers.   So whether you’re interviewing or pitching for your next project, tune in to figure how to connect with your audience and finally get on the road to launching your location-independent career.

Tasia Duske - CEO Museum Hack


Michelle Dale - CEO Virtual Miss Friday - How to create a location independent career that fits your lifestyle ..
 Michelle is a CEO, digital nomad, online business expert and trail blazer who travels the world working online in the Virtual Assistant Industry. She has been able to create and scale a successful six figure business from the ground up whilst creating a happy values aligned team. All of this while raising a family! Want to find out how? Register for your ticket now!.

Michelle Dale - CEO
Virtual Miss Friday

Matt Tran - CEO Remotise
Matt just loves building businesses that help to solve the problems of individuals especially in the area of careers.  Best known for his growing YouTube channel, The Engineered Truth, he is now CEO of an-up-and-coming job board and community dedicated to the upliftment of remote workers everywhere.  And as you can imagine he knows a thing or two about the skills that are in demand RIGHT NOW and how to position yourself to make the most of those opportunities. For those reasons alone, watching Matt’s informed and provocative video session is a no-brainer especially if you’re exploring opportunities and want to figure out trends in the market.

Matt Tran - CEO

Elaine Pofeldt - Editor/Writer - Million-Dollar One-Person Business
Freelancer champion, future of work expert, Remote Work Hero and super Mom journalist, Elaine’s magazine roster reads like a who’s who of the business magazine world.  Apart from authoring the inspirational book "The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business" she writes about the future of work and entrepreneurship for the likes of The Economist, Fortune, Money, Inc., CNBC, Crain's New York Business, Forbes and many others.  This session is a must-see if you’re trying to grow a career in copywriting, journalism or content marketing. And, if you’re interested in launching your work-from-home career or learning trends in freelancing and remote work you’d better put the date in your diary.  

Elaine Pofeldt - CEO Editor/Writer

Mystery Guest CEO
Another big name in the world of purpose and/or location independent work???

Mystery CEO

Katie Hill - Executive Director B Corp - Risk and building a purpose-focussed career
Katie is a key figure in the B Corp movement and has been influential in certifying Hootsuite, Patagonia, Kickstarter and Etsy to name a few.  She is dedicated to the cause of good business for both people and planet. She’ll explain how to balance risk when navigating your purpose-led career and let's face it we all have to manage risk in life and work.  Register and you begin to figure out what you should be doing.

Katie Hill - Executive Director B Corp

Stephen Anson - CEO - Vortala - 
Steve is a family man (with 4 kids) who’s skilfully and gradually crafted his lifestyle and built a successful marketing career and business that employs 70+ people throughout the world…  That’s why we think he’s a Remote CEO Hero. And if you’re serious about building your own career or if you want to find out how he did it and hear his biggest do’s and don’ts for career generalists wanting to build their career, tune in to his session.

Stephen Anson -
 CEO Vortala

Nathan Chan - CEO Foundr - Break free from the 9-5 you hate and create a career you love.
Remote CEO Nathan does not work, he builds businesses for fun. We could all take a leaf out of his book because, after all, isn’t work supposed to fun and meaningful? Nathan has managed to conceive, bootstrap and grow a multi-million dollar business in next to no time. All of this after he escaped a job that he hated and invested his personal savings (not to mention, his blood sweat and tears) to make his career - and life - work. We could all learn a thing or two from this amazing location-independent leader!

Nathan Chan -
CEO Foundr


Steli Efti - CEO
IMHO Steli is one of the leading speakers out there right now! If you’re looking for an inspiring, invigorating and captivating coaching session then I’m pleased to say we have it right here.  Like it or not, deep down, you know that selling yourself is the key to unlock your next opportunity. Well, fortunately for you this Remote CEO and sales Hero will share expertise that helped him secure million dollar backing (to launch and scale his business) to help you sell yourself better.  So I urge you to register and listen up, because this killer coaching session will help you strike a chord in meetings, interviews networking events or wherever!  

Steli Efti -

David Abraham - CEO Outpost
Have you ever thought that you want to escape the 9-5 cubicle to work in a tropical paradise but believe it’s too good to be true? Think again!  Or are you a working nomad who hasn’t been able to find your tribe so that you can thrive while being on the road.  Remote CEO Hero David may have the solution to your problems as he’s made it possible for you to build that community and connectivity that is so important to overcome the mind blocks and loneliness often associated with remote work.  Working in paradise is real and David shares tips on how you can make it happen while finding friends and co-workers that could turn into productive relationships.

David Abraham - CEO Outpost

Caroline Goyder - Founder Gravitas Method - Grace under fire: Show up with confidence in meetings and interviews…
Celebrity coach Caroline Goyder has one of the most popular and captivating TED Talks with over 6 million views and counting. She is an author, voice coach, presentation and public speaking expert who can help you to speak with more confidence when presenting or interviewing for remote opportunities. So there’s no excuse to slip up at your next meeting or interview.

Caroline Goyder - Founder Gravitas Method

Denise Brosseau - CEO Thought Leadership Lab - From unknown to world changer: 7 steps to thought leadership and career insurance ..
Denise is the inspirational CEO of Thought Leadership Lab. She is a Stanford 'Graduate School of Business' lecturer who went from relative unknown to become an international authority on Thought Leadership. Guy Kawasaki described her as a “go-to expert in leadership and entrepreneurship”. Denise is making a difference in the world by inspiring others to reach their potential and make a positive change in the world and her session is sure to inspire you to do the same.

Denise Brosseau - CEO Thought Leadership Lab

Darcy Boles - Head Of Employee Experience - TaxJar
Are you trying to figure out what separates the good remote companies from the not so good? Or, are you wondering what’s it’s like to work for a fully remote business. Maybe you’re wondering which opportunities suit you you’re not having success with your applications. Remote Hero Darcy tells us how she made her dreams -of traveling while working - come true  by positioned herself to transition into remote a remote career path. HINT: she didn’t use a job board. And she reveals some of the crucial tools - many remote companies use - that could help you stand out when applying for a remote position. 

Darcy Boles - Head Of Employee Experience - TaxJar

Derek Andersen - CEO Start-up Grind
We’re spoilt with the presence of yet another Remote CEO rockstar in Derek Andersen who is at the helm of a successful business that’s driven by values and a mission that focuses on community and building friendships. Communities, friendships and networks are so important for you to grow your location-independent career and Derek shares his insights on how to find and grow your tribes so that you can optimise your search for remote opportunities.

Derek Andersen - CEO Start-up Grind

Ben Congleton - CEO Olark
You can learn so much about the world of remote work (and work in general) just by listening to a CEO’s point of view.  If your philosophies and values are along similar lines as the business, chances are, you could be a good match. Ben is a Remote CEO Hero with strong and informed insights on human communication and its importance for growth of relationships and business.  These views translate to how we should think about connecting with one another. You should note this valuable insight and see how you can apply it to how you might begin to communicate and reach out during your search for opportunities.

Ben Congleton
CEO Olark

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