The problem with information overload in remote work

In this interview, Laurel Farrer, CEO of Distribute Consulting, addresses the pervasive issue of information overload in the context of remote work. Farrer emphasizes the need for a reliable source of information amidst the multitude of voices claiming expertise in the remote work domain. She expresses concern about the dangers of heeding advice from individuals who lack genuine knowledge and experience, highlighting the potential risks this poses to companies. Farrer notes that the transition to remote work is a complex and strategic process, traditionally requiring careful planning over an extended period, ranging from three to six weeks, if not months. 

However, with the sudden global shift to remote work, there is a misconception that it can be accomplished overnight. Farrer critiques the oversimplification of the process, emphasizing that becoming a distributed company involves more than just providing employees with laptops. She criticizes the influx of noise and misleading messages from opportunistic marketers who present remote work as a simple and foolproof solution. This bombardment of unrealistic expectations, according to Farrer, not only complicates the remote work adaptation process but also makes it challenging for leaders to access the essential resources needed for sustainable and successful implementation. Overall, Farrer underscores the importance of discernment amid the noise, advocating for a more thoughtful and strategic approach to remote work rather than succumbing to oversimplified narratives and potentially hazardous advice.

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