You’ll never guess what this CEO’s team mate does at lunchtime to relax!!!

In the intriguing world of remote work, the CEO of an undisclosed company shares an extraordinary tale about their newly onboarded junior consultant. Describing the newcomer as a sort of salesperson, the CEO unveils the consultant’s unique life passion: parachuting. The consultant, who also happens to be a parachute instructor, resides in the Netherlands, though he originally hailed from Italy when he joined the team. The twist in his daily routine is nothing short of remarkable. He sets up his work base at an airport, spending the entire morning engrossed in professional responsibilities. However, when lunchtime arrives, instead of opting for a conventional break, he takes relaxation to new heights—literally. The consultant indulges in a couple of parachute jumps before resuming work in the afternoon. Astonishingly, to wind down at the end of the day, he ascends once more for another set of parachute jumps. This unexpected blend of high-adrenaline activity and professional dedication paints a vivid picture of the dynamic and unconventional ways in which individuals are adapting to the evolving landscape of remote work.

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