RWL178: Crafting a Structured Daily Routine for Remote Work

It’s Alex from Remote Work Life here. Ever felt like remote work has left your days shapeless and your work-life boundaries blurred? I sure did, until I cracked the code on crafting a structured daily routine that revolutionized my productivity and well-being. 

Join me on the Remote Work Life podcast, where I spill the beans on how I achieved my sweet spot of balance and efficiency. You’ll learn how I set clear work boundaries.  Let’s transform the way you view remote work together!

In this candid conversation, I share my personal journey of transitioning from office to remote work and how I stumbled before finding my footing. Learn from my experience as I reveal the strategies that led me to a more fulfilling remote work routine. 

I’ll guide you through creating a designated workspace, scheduling vital breaks, and managing expectations with both your team and family. Tune in and get ready to tailor a remote work routine that caters to your unique needs and paves the way for your best work-life balance yet.


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Speaker 1:

Hey, it's Alex once again from the remote work life podcast, and today we're gonna explore the importance of maintaining a structured daily routine and regular work hours in remote work and in fact that has helped me. I'm not saying that it's a one size fits all, but that's something that's helped me and I wanna share, I guess, a personal anecdote another personal anecdote in today's tip of the day and provide, hopefully, some actionable insights on how to create a productive and balanced remote work routine for yourself. So when I first transitioned to remote work, I struggled to maintain a consistent daily routine and I found myself working odd hours and those hours were blurring the lines between work and personal time. So that had an impact on my personal time with my wife, with my family, with my kids, et cetera. So that lack of structure took a toll on my productivity and my wellbeing as well. I've spoken about that in previous episodes in terms of the wellbeing side of things. And it wasn't until I committed to establishing a structured routine with regular work hours that I really began to experience the true benefits of remote work. Now, this shift allowed me to maintain a better work-life balance and of course, I always say work-life balance is personal to you. What's balanced for me is probably not balanced for you, and vice versa. So work-life balance is what you make it to be and what you design it to be and what I'd say here. As I said, that shift allowed me to maintain a better work-life balance and significantly improve my overall productivity. So here are a few of the things that I did to put that into interaction. So I set clear work hours, as I alluded to just now. So I established specific work hours and communicated that with my team and, of course, I was in a role in a job that I could balance and I could essentially create my own sort of calendar. So that really worked out pretty well. Now, this helped to create boundaries between both work and my personal time and it reduced the risk of overflow and overworking essentially. So that's number one. Number two I created a morning routine for myself. So I started the day with a consistent morning routine to signal the beginning of the work day, and for me that morning routine involved getting up, of course, having my drink, having my breakfast. If I wasn't going for a walk, I would read very briefly a news article or vice versa. So I'd mix it up a bit, but I'd certainly have a routine that I'd stick to every morning, as well as my responsibilities as a parent and doing the school run. So this could include exercises as well. For you, it might be meditation, or it simply might be enjoying a cup of coffee before getting into work. Number three schedule breaks and lunchtime. So again, it's really important to block out in your calendar your break time, to block out the lunchtime as well. Incorporate regular breaks and a dedicated lunchtime into your schedule. This allows for you to have a mental rest and it promotes overall well-being throughout the working day and different ways and forms. So even that little break can take you away from the screen, for example, and give your eyes a bit of a rest. So, number four I created a designated workspace. So, creating a designated workspace that's separate from the personal living areas, because there was a point where I was actually working in the same place that I was living and relaxing in it. I wasn't able to completely relax fully, because I was always reminded of work. So I created a dedicated workspace that helped me mentally separate work from home and it signaled that it's time to you know when I was at work, time to focus, and when I was relaxing. It was time to relax. Number five my list is communicate the schedule, which, again, I mentioned, touched on just earlier on. So any schedule that you make, whether that be your professional schedule or, you know, your personal schedule, share that schedule with your team and your family so that they know and they can see that there are boundaries. That creates transparency and helps manage expectations and reduces interruptions during your focused work time. So by maintaining a structured daily routine and regular work hours, remote workers can experience increased productivity and a healthier work situation. It's essential to treat remote work with the same level of professionalism and structure as a traditional office environment. In fact, it's even more important, I would say. So I just want to say thanks for tuning in today. I want you to now reflect on your own current remote work routine and consider how you can incorporate a more structured approach, a daily schedule, into your routine, and I just want to wish you continued success with working remotely. If you want to reach out to me, check out my LinkedIn, which I've highlighted in the show notes, and head on over to remoteworklifeio to get more episodes just like this one.

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