RWL181: Remote Work Life Business Spotlight: Help Scout

Welcome to the Remote Work Life Podcast Business Spotlight.  From the comfort of your own space, take a virtual tour through the corridors of a company that operates across 60 different countries—without a physical office in sight.  If you’re on the lookout for a purpose-driven career or simply curious about the future of customer service excellence, this summary will inspire and inform in equal measure. 


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Speaker 1:

This is the Remote Work Life Business Spotlight, where I highlight top remote business innovators and share personal and career development tips to help you navigate the world of remote work. I'm your host, alex Wilson-Cambill. I help remote work managers, professionals and freelancers overcome isolation and uncertainty in their life to get hired and fulfill their career goals. So if you're interested in looking for an opportunity with a business that has a real purpose at the heart of what what it does, then help Scout could be the business for you to look at. I was fortunate to interview the CEO and one of the co-founders of Help Scout, nick Francis, through the day. He's a hero of mine in the sense that he's really sort of put real passion behind setting this, this business, up, and there's a real, as I said, real purpose behind what they do in the sense that they want to really help people. They want to help businesses overcome what really is an everyday problem, because none of us like a bad customer service experience, and that's where a business like Help Scout would come in in terms of helping you as a customer, potentially to have a much better, have a much smoother customer service experience through the product that Help Scout has created, and Help Scout is very much, in terms of the speciality, is all about creating web applications dealing with email, cloud and help desk, as I said, to make your interactions with websites or your online interactions much easier. And, in an age of automation and bots, help Scout gives you that human touch, that human flavor that everybody needs and everybody really expects, even if you are online. So if that's at the heart of your, your philosophy, your thinking in terms of helping people overcome problems that are related to customer service and customers, then this could be one for you to look at. Let's have a look here. As I said, it's a. They were established in 2011, which gives you a good feeling, not just what they do, but the fact that they they've been there, they've been doing that for quite a while now, so they know what they're all about. Nick, who I, as I said, I interviewed he's in it for the long haul and that's that's what he's he's all about. He's all about helping people. So, again, if you're working for a business or looking for an opportunity with a business that has a leadership team that's totally sort of dedicated to the advancement of the business and then is really behind the purpose and driving that purpose, then it could only be a good thing. So help scoutcom is the place to look if you want to have a look around, and let's go to help scout right now. I think I'm on the about page and here you can see some of the the key people here, the customer champions. They're based in 60 countries across the world because, if I've not mentioned, help scout is 100 remote business and one of the key people, as I mentioned to you before, is none other than Nick Francis himself, and here he is, nick Francis, one of the co-founders and, yeah, like you can see here, the Canada, bristol, uk, cambridge, wakefield in the UK, against now Thampton in the UK, canada, again Spain. So distributed team across the world. So have a look at help scoutcom and then, in terms of yours, I mean, if you're looking at the about us page, I think let's scroll to the top of this page because again there's a useful video for you to look at. I'm not going to show you the video now, and here you can get a flavour of the sorts of people that work there, which I always like. I always like to see visuals as well as the text to understand the people, especially because obviously it's a remote business and you may not get to have those face-to-face interactions with all the people in the business. So it's always good to see them and see essentially what you're getting into. And there's the video I talked about. And again, if you are thinking about approaching help scout, either if they have a future opportunity or a job that you're interested in, it's always important to do your research on the team, which is why I'm pointing out to you some of the team members, some of the key people within the business talking to you about the business itself. Obviously, if there's a role that you're looking at, look at the role in more detail and then also look at some PR, some news, so that you can understand something. Partial information about what other people are saying about help scout, and all that information, all that research. You bring that all together to then make your decision, to make your case, and if everything lines up, then it could be a good opportunity for you to pursue. So that's my overview of help scout. Have a look and see what they're all about and maybe it could be on your radar as part of your next opportunity. That's it for today's episode of the remote work life podcast. Click the link in the show notes below to access a free list of 100 remote businesses that hire regularly. And if you're feeling stuck or uncertain on issues of career or personal development, head on over to wwwremoteworklifeio, where you can watch exclusive on-demand video featuring real-world remote work leaders and future work experts on key remote work topics, including how to get clarity on your career direction, how to thrive while working remotely, how to network effectively and stay connected, and how to tend to your personal and career development needs. Go to remoteworklifeio now and remember to connect with me, your host, alex Wilson Campbell, on YouTube, linkedin and Facebook.

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